Installation Statement - Psychic Baggage

The impetus of this series was inspired by a book on the human energy field or aura. According to this book, our physical bodies are surrounded by an energy field that is directly connected with our life experiences. Our disturbing/negative emotions, memories and behavior patterns can be observed in the aura as soft “forms” with varying intensities of color. These “forms” areunconsciously created by the person himself/herself through his/her habitual thoughts. The energy from these negative thought “forms” in the aura will permeate into the person’s body and effect his/her health and well - being

I was fascinated by the idea of one’s psyche creating energy “forms” within his/her aura that directly impacted his/her reality. I thought about my own issues with intimacy and envisioned my negative habitual thoughts and what effect those thought “forms” were having upon my relationships. In this series, I employed a visual vocabulary of “trunk and “limbs” to represent the human body. The bulbous appendages, referenced from fungi forms, are symbolic of one’s negative thoughts – “baggage”. Visually, it appears as though ones individual “baggage” is about to rub against the next one’s “baggage”. This proximity symbolizes how maintaining our negative thoughts can interfere with intimate and authentic relationships

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