Installation Statement - Field of Potential

According to Buddhist text, which was the inspiration for this series “Field Of Potential”, each man holds deep within his/her consciousness both negative and positive seeds. The daily practice of virtue is to recognize the seeds deep within us and to refrain from watering the negative seeds . The more the positive seeds are watered, the closer they gravitate to the upper level of consciousness and grow in strength. Thus, each person has the power to selectively nurture the positive or the negative in him/her.

This classic duality of good and bad defined in terms of “stored seeds” and “selective watering” influenced the formal context of this series, thus resulting in botanical expression. The formal vo cabulary of the pieces expresses the dichotomy of positive and negative in the contrast be tween rounded shapes and pointed spikes. Attention to the juxtaposition wa s more important than color; thu s, a restrained palette was preserved.

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